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Online Roulette

Nothing captures the unique spirit of the casino quite like the roulette wheel. Of the dozens of traditional table games available to play, roulette is the one that is most likely to attract new players. That’s as true for online roulette on your PC or smartphone as it is in Monte Carlo or on the Strip in Las Vegas.

Everyone knows the basic roulette rules. The wheel is set in motion, the ball is released and all you have to do is predict where it is going to stop. It’s fundamentally not so different to playing the lottery, as it comes down to numbers and guesswork. Even if you are playing for the first time, you stand as good a chance of winning as someone who has been playing roulette for years.

In other words, winning at roulette is all about luck as opposed to skill. This makes it a tempting choice for the occasional player compared with other casino games like poker or blackjack, where skill and experience boost your chances of winning. Having said that, there are roulette strategies that you can adopt, but these are more about managing your bankroll smartly than actually improving your chances of winning.

Types of roulette

The original roulette wheel was invented almost by accident as part of a scientific experiment by French scientist and philosopher Blaise Pascal in 1655. Over the subsequent centuries, two variations of roulette emerged, known as European and American roulette. Now we are in the online casino age, there are even more variations, and you will find them all at Refuel Casino.

  • European roulette is the best known version of the game. Here, the slots are numbered from one to 36, with half in red and half in black. There is also a zero, which is green.
  • The American roulette wheel is very similar to the European, except there is one extra slot containing a double zero, which is also in green.
  • Lightning roulette is a variation on either European or American roulette that includes extra features. The most important is the addition of one to five lucky numbers that appear at random with a lightning strike on every spin of the wheel. These pay out extra rewards to lucky winners.
  • Live roulette brings the feeling of Monte Carlo to your online roulette experience, as it involves a real croupier spinning a real wheel on webcam instead of a virtual wheel powered by a random number generator.

Which type of online roulette will you play?

Choosing which variation of online roulette to play is a matter of personal choice. However, at Refuel Casino, we would always recommend a live dealer table, as it really adds to the experience. In fact, it’s like having a night out without leaving your home.

From a mathematical perspective, it is well-known among seasoned players that European roulette has a lower house edge than American roulette. So if your main reason for playing is to see if you can beat the house, you should choose the single zero table. However, if it is all about fun and you prefer the razzmatazz of Las Vegas to the classic tradition of Paris, consider American roulette instead.

Keeping it simple at Refuel Casino

Although the table with all the possible bets laid out might look a little complicated, online roulette is actually an incredibly simple game that anyone can play. At Refuel Casino, we like to maintain that theme of simplicity in everything we do.

For one thing, we don’t ask our players to fill out lengthy forms just to put a coin or two on the spin of a wheel. Our easy payment system lets you dive straight into the action at the roulette wheel, or with any of our other casino games, completely anonymously if you wish. In fact, the only things you need to are a phone number and an online wallet.

We also opt for simplicity and transparency when it comes to giving something back to our players. Most online casinos have bonus promotions that look incredibly generous until you read the small print and see all sorts of wagering requirements and conditions. At Refuel Casino, we have a straightforward cashback system that rewards those players who need it most.

We understand that casino gaming is all about winning and losing. Sometimes you will have hot weeks, other times, the cards, dice and wheels will all seem to be against you. Every week, we check how our players have got on over the past seven days. Any player who has sustained a net loss is automatically given 10% cashback on that amount. It’s our way of making sure that everyone has something to smile about when they play at Refuel Casino, even when Lady Luck is not on their side.