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What can we say about blackjack that hasn’t been said before! It’s a casino classic that has stood the test of time and continues to fascinate and enthrall gamblers to this day.

Live blackjack games at Refuel are an explosive experience with a huge choice of live tables and new, exciting blackjack variants.

As standard, expect stunning HD streaming that brings the action to life. Genuine, professional dealers deal the cards, and you can even chat with the dealer and other players at your table!

This is casino as it should be – the closest thing to putting on a tuxedo and visiting a real casino!

Here you can find out the rules of blackjack, odds, and payouts, plus details on the thrilling live blackjack games you can find at Refuel Casino.


The rules are the same as online blackjack - you need to beat the dealer’s hand without going over the magic number 21.

At Refuel, you can play various live blackjack games, some with different rules, side bets, and bonus payouts. But the general rules of blackjack are like this.

Face cards are worth 10, aces are either 1 or 11, and the other cards have their face value. Once you are seated, you and the dealer are dealt two cards. One of the dealer’s cards will be face down; the other will be face up for everyone to see.

If you get a card worth 10 and an ace, you have blackjack and win. If you don’t have blackjack, you can either ‘hit’, which means take another card, or ‘stick’, which means you stay on your total.

You can hit as many times as you want, but if your total exceeds 21, you lose.

When you have stood, the dealer will reveal their face down card, and they must hit if the total is 16 or less until they reach 17 or more. If their original total is 17 or over, they must stand.

The winner is therefore revealed, and wagers are settled. If you are bust, and the dealer then goes bust, you still lose. If there is a tie, bets are returned.

Other betting options are available. Briefly, these include splitting pairs where you double your bet and get to split the cards into two hands, and insurance to protect against the dealer getting blackjack if they are dealt an ace face up.

Doubling down is when the player’s first two cards add up to 9,10, or 11. You can double your bet, but you will receive just one more card.

The dealer does not have the choice of any of these other betting options.


Winning hands are paid out at 1/1, although most tables offer enhanced odds if you have blackjack (21 from two cards). This is usually 3/2.

Side bets available at certain live blackjack games can pay much larger odds. As ever, we recommend you check the game rules and payouts of every game when you join.

Common side bets available include Perfect Pairs and 21+3. Perfect Pairs pays 25/1 for two identical cards of the same suit being dealt to you. A mixed pair usually pays 5/1, and two of the same cards either both black or both red pays 12/1.

21+1 revolves around your first two cards and the upturned card of the dealer. If all three are the same card of the same suit, then you are paid at 100/1. If all cards are the same suit, you get paid at 5/1, and various other combinations trigger payouts.

Unlike live baccarat, good blackjack players can improve their odds of winning by employing strategy.

The most basic rules are if the dealer’s upcard is a 7, 8, 9, 10 value, or ace, then the player should aim for a total of 17 or higher.

On the other hand, if the dealer has a 4, 5, or 6, then stopping at as little as 12 can be favorable, with you hoping the dealer goes bust.

If the dealer has a 1, 2, or 3, then you should stand on a total of 13 or higher.


We have nearly 100 – yes, 100! – live blackjack games to choose from. This range includes tables with different stake limits, characteristics, and exciting variants from the biggest online casino providers.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Speed Blackjack – faster action with quicker hands.
  • VIP Blackjack – bigger limits and a more luxurious experience.
  • Infinite Blackjack – every player is dealt the same card but can then choose how to play it!

Refuel Casino is famous for adding more games all the time. Check the Live Casino tab for all the latest and greatest live games including live roulette and poker games!